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April 23, 2007



Well, that's good to know. Good to see that all of the elite of Rittenhouse Square will know who to vote for now. Or will they be morally conflicted because fellow aristocrat Knox is in the race?

God forbid we vote for a progressive, smart, educated candidate who knows how to read and lead!

I'm a homey too

He will not win - a wasted endorsement and a wasted vote!

Ben Waxman

I think Nutter will sweep both of the major dailies. Evans will get the Tribune endorsement and Brady, well, Brady will get the Public Record.


And main line suburbanites will know who they are unable to vote for. Give me a break.


That's my first question if I make it to the event to unveil the endorsement today: How many readers does the mag have in Philly?

Tim Haas

A third of our readership is in the city proper -- the highest of the eight counties we cover.


According to your website, that's about 34,290 people. 75% of the readership of your magazine comes from outside the city. Once again, how is this relevant? The metro has more readers.

But it's ok for union goons from South Jersey to illegally vote in Philadelphia???


What is this pathological disbelief in the positive power of unions? Why are there repeated references made to unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud?

One of the reasons Philadelphia is a great place to live is because of the unions. They encourage living wages.

This stuff about everyone who's in a union being from south jersey is nonsense. If you don't like unions, move to the south where you belong.

Shawn from Deptford, NJ

You tell them Jill -I can vote because I am from Local 98 -even though I live in Jersey Johnny said it is ok.


And who has Johnny Doc been playing footsie with the whole campaign? Tom Knox.

Emperor Knox has also recruited experienced felon Michael Youngblood for his operations in West Philly.

Explain that!

Youngblood has credentials -he is working for Ms. Janie and Dougherty and knox is more than glad to pay him...no big deal.


NO BIG DEAL? He's a convicted felon with a history of violent intimidation and drug dealing.

Knox is a fraud who has surrounded himself with paid thugs to do his dirty work.

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