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May 03, 2007


Has there ever been this much unity among media endorsements or do they typically go for the same candidate?

Nutter Butter

Good question....Viva Nutter!!!


Nutter is the most Republican - he will not win!

what are you talking about most republican?!?!?! too bad street 2.0 "fattah" doesn't have a shot

LOL! You know people are getting desperate when the 'republican' charge starts getting thrown around. I respect most of the candidates (especially Evans and Fattah), but Nutter is the most unifying and smartest candidate I've seen in years. With Nutter in the mayor's office and Evans and Fattah on the appropriations committees in Harrisburg and DC, this city could really accomplish some great things for the people. And then when Dwight Evans runs for U.S. Senate in 2010, this city will pull together like never before to make it happen. That would be a beautiful thing.



The Daily News got something right. DN and the largest daily newspaper in town, the largest magazine and the largest weekly (NE Times).

Nutter Butter's going all the way!


FattahforMayor, what the hell does that mean..."the most republican, so he won't win?" That ish dont even make any sense! This is now a 2-man race between Knox and Nutter...sounds like your just hatin' because your boy is in third place and continues to fall in the polls

knox for mayor

Nutter will make a good managing director -he is not ready. Nutter is just like Street with a differnt agenda -Say no to Nutter

Nutter is not ready but your "knox for mayor" is? Wait a minute, who actually worked in City goverment, passed laws, made this City better? It's rediculous to think that Knox is somehow "ready" to be Mayor and Nutter is not. Nutter's the most ready and will make a great Mayor!

knox for mayor

Nutter cannot win

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