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May 10, 2007



I'm a union member (DC47) and I never consider who my union has endorsed to figure out who to vote for. I have a brain of my own and I like to use it. I don't need someone else to do my thinking for me.

Tim O'Leary

So does this mean you're voting for Chaka?


This is a rogue website run by an anti-FOP person. The vast majority of police officers know that Bob Brady is the best choice for us.

Tim O'Leary

I just looked at that website, I seriously doubt that the comments on there are representative of Philly Cops and Firefighters. In fact, I would go so far as to say that to promote that site without verifying what it is tied to and who influences it is a tad reckless.


Domelights is known as a message board where local police officers go to chat. Is it representative of the entire force, of course not.

Tim O'Leary

Then, you could say that domelights is about as reliable on police issues as PhillyBlog is representative of how tolerant the City is.

At best, Domelights is "truthy".

What's next, wikipedia references?... If I wanted that I'll go to Philly Will Do.


I've made my share of Wikipedia references, thank you very much.

I noted that the poll on the site was such a small sample size that it doesn't really tell us all that much, except, of course, that not everyone votes for who their union tells them to.

Same as one of the cleaning ladies in my building doesn't plan to vote for Fattah, even though SEIU backed him.

This is pointing out the obvious, obviously, not me breaking news.

Electricians for Brady

We will shed light on this topic -Brady for Mayor!

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