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May 16, 2007




if that ward map holds true once 100% of the votes are in ... it's quite telling. Especially for Fattah; 13 years serving your constituents in Washington as well as another decade serving them in the state capital prior to that - and you cannot carry a single ward.

Perhaps the time has come for new blood in that position.


I didn't "expect" anything. It's what I was hoping for, though (at least in the mayor's race. City Council is pretty disappointing, although it could've been much worse).

Turning point in the campaign? The Olivia ad as far as public perception and the release of Nutter's internal poll as far as giving core supporters enough hope to actually invest time and money in their candidate.

Best campaign? Nutter, hands-down (nobody thought he could win). Worst? Fattah, hands down. I'm not sure what goes through that guy's head.


P.S. Thanks for all the great coverage on this blog.

Larry West for Mayor

All I can say is this: There are still 6 more months of fighting to come!


It's what I was hoping for. I think the poll showing Nutter was a contender was a big factor in his "surge," because I had heard "I like Nutter, but I don't think he'll win" from a couple of people a month ago.

More than that, I think he impresses people wherever he goes on a personal level, and arouses a spirit of activism in them. So I think his success was sort of viral -- slow to start, but once the momentum got going, the pace of converting voters increased exponentially. And because he seems to inspire confidence and hope, not just a feeling of "he's the least bad," he got people excited about the election, which means more of them came out and voted.


p.s. is there a way to see his victory speech online?





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