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May 16, 2007


Andy Daven

The winner: Michael Nutter

The primary losers: Tom Knox, John Dougherty, and Jannie Blackwell (anyone want to write the obits??)

Also loser: Chaka Fattah

Friends representing all of Philadelphia

Congratualtions to Michael and the voters of the City of Philadelphia for rejecting the Fraud, Tom kNOx, Janie Blackwell and John Dougherty of the Evil Empire.

Fattah will be fine - he should embrace Michael, apologize for the things he said and recommit himself to Washington and bring home the assets the city needs.

Dwight is right where he should be and it is very important to Philadelphia that he remains as a force for us and we know he will work together with the team.

And Bob Brady -well he will work our great with Nutter, since they already have a great relationship. He defeated Dougherty and his nitwits and thugs and learned that we need to get rid of the backstabbers in the Democratic Party that take money from knox and shame all of our hard work. People have gotten the opportunity to really get to know Bob and people really like him. He will bring evryone under the tent -but please leave out the Three Diabloes Blackwell, KNox and Dougherty -they are a total disgrace and bad for any role in our city!

This blog.....

I think it would be great if both the Metro and the Daily News kept their blogs going now that the primary is over. They provide great political coverage that might not otherwise make it into the media. I say keep it going, change the name, and shine a light on local politics.

Frank Keel

Hey, FRAOP, you pea-brained, bed-wetting dunce, check the "Wins" and "Losses" columns before you embarrass yourself any further. Local 98 supported Seamus McCaffery, Bill Green, Jr., Ellen Green-Ceisler, Bob Mulgrew, Blondell Reynolds Brown, Bill Greenlee and Michael Erdus, among others. Everyone of them won their election. Yeah, Knox lost. Local 98 only got seriously behind Knox in the past couple of weeks. In retrospect, Knox would have fared better had 98 gotten involved earlier in his campaign. 98 had one loss against double-digit wins. I'll take a .900 batting average any day. Knox and 98 acquitted themselves honorably. I can't say the same for you after reading this drooling, moronic post.

local community activist

if the polititions would put the right peoplr behind them it would different they have a lot of criminal minded people behind them and that could be thier down fall example blackwell and her sneaky sexaul affair with miceal youngblood an affair that was clearly going on before the passing of her late husband ....(youngblood is well none thug)who jumped back into the political party after his time spent in jail....when it comes to looks maybe she cant do any better but please blackwell dont settle for the bottom of the barrel surround yurself with bad polititions with the wrong intentions yur going to loose everytime tom knox need to take a close look at his apponets...

Bed Wetting Solutions

Oh no,... he's not shouting again is he?

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