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May 15, 2007


Andy Daven

Wow, that's aweful. Someone in the Knox camp told me that this was actually a lot of their street money. It won't be a problem, except that it's hard to come up with that cash. The person said that they would not be able to pay their workers for a few days.

This is crazy! I wouldn't be surprised if this is a new all-time low for another candidate's campaign! Wake up Philadelphia!


Does anyone else find it odd that Knox's campaign is relying on so many paid workers for their GOTV? It just shows how thin his support really is.

Wow. If Nutter, Brady, Fattah or Evans would resort to allowing their workers commit felonies to further their cause, imagine what they would resort to if they were running the city and something wasn't going how they wanted. Friggin scary.

Every campaign has street money for their GOTV


Yes, but Knox's GOTV seems to be driven almost entirely by street money. Compare that to Nutter who is relying mostly on unpaid volunteers who are passionate about the candidate. Yes, I'm a Nutter suppporter, but I do think it makes a difference whether you have to pay people to come out and support you versus people who come out and volunteer their time because they really believe in the candidate.


Correct me if I'm wrong but it seemed like TV and Radio neven mentioned this story.


Happy New 2011 Year for all people.

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