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May 16, 2007



6th largest:


Tommy the Loan Shark & Jim Nixon


This is Tommy the Loan Shark & Jim Nixon. Tommy and I were very busy with final exams, so we had to basically put the breaks on things… We never endorsed a candidate (for what that is worth… haha), as it seemed very close to us right through the end.

For the record, we were never part of any campaign. We stand by that 100%.

And again, Mr. Keel’s obnoxious intrusion into our press conference was not why things slowed a bit. We really were very busy.


We achieved our goal in keeping Knox out of City Hall (not that we take a large share of credit for that, we were just doing our part). As we have said all along, that was our one and ONLY goal. We congratulate Mr. Nutter, and feel he will make an excellent mayor. Good for you Mike!

If anybody needs to contact us, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Mr. Nutter, if you need campaign assistance I’d be happy to help out. My friend who played Tommy is taking a summer abroad (and yes, I am jealous). –Jim

Thanks, it was a great time!

Tommy the Loan Shark and his sidekick Jim Nixon

Tommy the Loan Shark & Jim Nixon

We are especially happy that in Knox failing, we will not see Janie Blackwell, John Dougherty, Frank Keel, or Mr. Youngblood get any grip on City Hall! I guess loosing is what he gets for associating with the bottom of the barrel...
We are also thrilled that all that money could not buy City Hall!!!! I cannot imagine spending over $10,000,000.00 and countless hours for nothing...
Congratulations to Mr. Fattah, Mr. Brady, and Mr. Evans! You all ran very solid issue-based campaigns. Compared to the norm, it was very enjoyable and classy!


Question: Why would anyone need to contact Tommy the Loan Shark or Jim Nixon? Irrelevant.

Frank Keel

Jimmy and Tommy,

I exposed your connection to Smukler and the Brady campaign on that fateful Friday at City Hall. Although you vowed to return the following week to continue your juvenile and useless harassment of Tom Knox, you vanished, just like the gutless dopes I knew you to be. Go away for good. And thanks for the memory. I will always savor the taste of grilled shark.


Brady might want to start thinking about why he lost his home ward and division in this election. The party machine structure is crumbling and going down - rumor has it many ward leaders are already gearing up to take on Brady! I can't wait to see the reform movement sweep out that bum.

Frank Keel - take your own advice and go away for good. Philadelphia doesn't need you and your nonsense.

Dope and Idiot Monitors

JerKelly -you are uninformed and in for a rude awakening - "you just don't know!"


Mr. Dougherty, the batteries in your wire are running low, kindly report to Liberty One and we'll issue you new ones.

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