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May 21, 2007


Andy Daven

No surprise...Brady and Nutter have always had a strong working relationship, and now more than ever, they need each other. I think they'll make a strong team to improve Philadelphia. With Nutter as Mayor, Brady in D.C. and running the Party, and Evans in Harrisburg (not to mention Governor Rendell, Perzel and O'Brien), Philadelphia is in good shape!

Tim O'Leary

An amazing two weeks. Philadelphia narrowly avoided catasrophe by sending Tom "the loan shark" Knox down to defeat. Philadelphia is now going to get, in Nutter, a highly accomplished person who is now building a broad based coalition to run Philadelphia.

Consider how divided this City has been the last eight years. Think about how the current administration has saught to pit neighborhoods against one another.

Now contrast that with the meeting between Nutter and Brady. Philadelphia has truly turned a corner.

Philadelphia 2007

I am not shocked -Brady and Nutter always got along -there is a lot of respect -genuine respect between these leaders.

When we voted Michael in and stopped the Evil kNOx we turned the corner for Philadelphia.

Let's hope that Nutter has the courage to dismiss Dougherty and his evil cadre of misfits -they are a disgrace to the Democratic system. Where do they get all that money from??????

Philadelphia 2007

Jim Kenney SMOKED John Dougherty!
Jim Kenney SMOKED John Dougherty!
Jim Kenney SMOKED John Dougherty!

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