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May 15, 2007


Reprehensible behavior by Brady Camp continues. Yesterday and today, it was Brady's boys stealing Knox's signs and replacing them with Big Boy Bob's signs. This morning, Ken Smukler, Brady's shmuck of "Shark Tale" fame, desecrated a church with his vile garbage, which he directed at Knox and Keel at Knox's polling place. Now, Howard James, a Committperson in the 19th Ward, who was until moments ago, working the polling place at 6th and Indiana, was aggressively and threateningly telling people they HAD to vote for Brady and no one else. Police were called three times. The Committee of 70 is there now. Want more? Brady backers tearing down Knox posters, harrassing voters.......[Cornfield says: DELETED] Scum of the earth, unite behind SHADY BRADY!!!!!!


For the record, I took out a line of the comment above, which inferred that Brady may have had something to do with the break in at Knox's NE Philly office.

Friends representing all of Philadelphia

More Dougherty propaganda and bullshit -Dougherty - you have been REJECTED!!!!!


good luck!

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