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May 15, 2007



Ward 5 was quiet at a little after 7am; I think I was the third voter. There was a poster for Nutter and one for Lazarus for Judge up at the door. Voters, do others a favor (as I neglected to do) and read the ballot questions *before* you get in the booth. They're lengthy and a few require a second read-through to understand them.


My recommendations on ballot questions:

- Question 1 (casinos) was removed by court order.

- Question 2: vote NO (resign to run is the only way we get rid of people in city hall -- other than retiring or dying).

- zoning and planning questions: vote YES

- all questions with the word "urge" in them: vote NO because, no matter how you feel about the Iraq war or property tax reassessments, they have no business being on the ballot as a charter change (you can thank Jannie Blackwell for that). Furthermore, city council needs to do their job and legislate a fair and understandable system for taxing property. The current random spot reassessments don't make sense

- borrowing money for infrastructure investments: the city already has too much debt, but it also needs to invest in infrastructure. My recommendation? Use your judgement.


P.S. Blackwell's ballot has Tom Knox on it, in case anyone was wondering.

Tim O'Leary

A vote for Knox is a Vote for Blackwell as "shadowmayor". Knox has cut a deal in an attempt to get elected, but in doing so he has sold his control to Blackwell and Johnny Doc.

Literature attacking someone's religion? Sleazy direct mail flyers? An alliance with the queen of poverty herself Jannie Blackwell?

Let's defeat this clown and send him back to his penthouse on rittenhouse square!


From Ward 2...

Holy Mackerel the Knox/Doc's troops are out in force. There are about 3 electricians (white t-shirts) at the three poling places I went to and there are tons young, idealistic kids (red t-shirts) knocking on doors. I "outed" the electricians by saying Local 98 and pumping my fist. When I knowingly kidded the red-shirts that they didn't look like electricians, they all gave me the most puzzled looks.

No Brady presence, which is interesting.

Only saw one Nutter person in the three stops.

In other races...

Untermeyer has a person at each place. It is interesting that they are all African-American.

Vern has hordes of people handing out water, knocking on doors. This is not a good sign for Franky Di.

Election Day hijinks have begun and the first punch was thrown by the Brady camp. Ken Smukler, at the direction of Brady no doubt, orchestrated a half dozen guys holding Knox = Shark signs outside of the First Presbyterian church on South 21st street. His people were disrupting the voting process and screaming obscenities at Frank Keel.

Anybody who cares about a fair and clean election process should be alarmed by this.

Brady's people are openly pulling up "Knox for Mayor" signs all over the city and replacing them with Brady signs. A truck driver saw one crew, wearing Brady shirts, pulled over and asked them to stop. They responded "Go f**k yourself!" Smukler's shark stunt earlier and now this. Class act, that Brady crew.


Where is the infamous Fattah field? I see lots of Knox/Doc people in Center City, along with Nutter and a few Brady. Nothing from Fattah.


As I was walking down the street in my Nutter t-shirt, a white guy leaned out of his truck and yelled, "Notta Nutter Ni**er!"

Let's defeat ignorance and vote for Nutter for Mayor!

NE Jewish Democrat

How long will it take for the Brady machine to have anb injuction against the knox bullett ballots being given out by local 98 - without any "paid for by" on it

Some Communications Workers of America (CWA) union members were just spotted in South Philly wearing Carpenter's for Brady shirts. They can't even come out representing their own union?


At least the CWA shirts were not handmade--the Carpenter's at City Hall had hand lettered posters. It shows a real lack of commitment on their behalf that they wouldn't go out and get printed signs. I think they were thinking he was going to drop out!


From Philly Weekly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtBLT5w9IsM&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fwilldo%2Ephiladelphiaweekly%2Ecom%2F

Tom Knox's butler and his two French Bulldogs...He says they're engaged, the dogs that is, and will be married soon. One's an Irish Catholic, he says and I believe he calls the other one Jewish Kosher.

Love Metro

Bob Brady's camp isn't doing anything to break stereotypes. Guy with a Vote Brady sign in one hand and a can of beer in a paper bag in the other just seen over at City Hall.


that video's too funny.

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