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May 16, 2007


Frank Keel

Breaking News! Attention All
Small-Minded Johnny Doc Bashers!

All of you who are celebrating Mike Nutter's victory while simultaneously predicting the political demise of John Dougherty, know this:

Early this morning, Mike Nutter placed a call to John Dougherty. Mike acknowledged that he and Doc have had their differences, but added that he took none of it personally, needed John's help in November, and wanted John's support in helping turn the city around. It was a gracious gesture by Mike Nutter, which was returned in kind by Doc, who also congratulated Mike on a beautifully executed campaign. Their exchange was also evidence that Doc will continue to be a prominent player in Philadelphia politics, even in a Mayor Nutter administration. So, for all of you cyber-vultures who were hoping to pounce on Doc's political carcass, try eating some crow instead.


The tables have turned on poor old Johnny Doc. I guess he's not the power broker he once was. Sure, he'll still have his little goon fiefdom, but this election showed just how little influence he has at the end of the day. It's a new day in Philadelphia and Johnny Doc is yesterday's news. If he wants to be relevant again, he'll need to stop living in the 80's and get with the Nutter program for a 21st Century Philadelphia.



good one Frank, that was very funny...if such a call did take place why didn't Doc go public with it? instead you are announcing it on the metro blog


Because this is your No. 1 news source...duh.


What a coincidence. Mike called me, too, and told me he needed my support in helping him turn the city around. ;-)

The arrogance of ignorant loud-mouth Frank Keel is appalling. Go back to your SUBURBAN home and stop interfering with OUR elections.

You are a LOSER in more ways than one.

Philadelphia 2007 No Goin Back

Keel + Knox = Krum KKK

Doc's dead and we don't want him and his Irish punks back -now it's time to investigate where Doc gets all the cash from and I would guess that the "appropriate" parties ahve already begun doing just that!

Free advice -it ain't just union dues -so -figure a good story in advance or do what you do best -blame somebody else!

Nutter is Better

Please do not forget how much Doc actually hates Michael -always has! We are not buying the spin - Doc is a zero in this administration and he knows it. He threatened everybody's job and promised Armageddon when knox took office and nobody will forget that -he can never- never be trusted!


Doc might want to start looking over his shoulder. A smart young union lad might recognize that the Doc days are over and now would be a good time to get on the right side of the fence with new leadership. Are they going to cling to a dying past or embrace the Nutter future?


Brady might want to start thinking about why he lost his home ward and division in this election. The party machine structure is crumbling and going down - rumor has it many ward leaders are already gearing up to take on Brady! I can't wait to see the reform movement sweep out that bum.

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